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About CAA
What is the Community Appearance Alliance?
The Community Appearance Alliance (CAA) of Northern Virginia is a non-profit membership organization for people who want a better, more beautiful environment.

CAA was founded in 1987 to advocate visual quality in Northern Virginia by promoting the concept of beautifying the community.

CAA is non-partisan, representing people who love their neighborhoods, and who want the community to be attractive.

Members of CAA include architects, planners, realtors, real estate developers, and citizen activists.

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission provides meeting space, and its Executive Director serves as a Board member.

CAA Goals
Goals of the Community Appearance Alliance of Northern Virginia include:

  • Encouraging harmonious environmental relationships to preserve the integrity of the natural environment
  • Presenting awards for community appearance projects
  • Recommending landscape improvement to provide an attractive appearance to homes and buildings
  • Suggesting innovative techniques in historic preservation, creative reuse and streetscaping
  • Supporting compatible development to enhance community appearance and employment opportunities
  • Organizing workshops and symposia on topics related to community appearance

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