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Joint Citizens Task Force
  • A Joint Task Force (JTF) of Arlington County and City of Alexandria residents were created in the summer of 2003
  • The Chief Administrative Officers of each jurisdiction appointed the JTF members to their positions
  • The JTF meets on a regular basis to examine project alternatives, provide public input, and make recommendations to the political bodies of each jurisdiction and to the Agency Coordinating Group (ACG)

Meetings and Opportunites for Participation

Prior Presentations

The following presentations were made at the February 28, 2011 meeting:

JTF Members
  • Liz Birnbaum, Arlington County, Co-Chair
  • Judy Guse-Noritake, Alexandria City, Co-Chair
  • Carrie Johnson, Arlington Citizen Representative                  
  • Alexandria Planning Commission Representative
  • Ripley Forbes, Alexandria Park and Recreation Commission 
  • Ashley Stafford, Arlington Park and Recreation Commission
  • Bill Gearhart, Arlington Transportation Commission
  • Matt Gilman, Alexandria Bicycle/Pedestrian Representative
  • Leo Sarli, Arlington Citizen Representative
  • Kurt Moser, Alexandria Environmental Policy Commission
  • Mike Hanna, Arlington E2C2 
  • Alex Sanders, Arlington E2C2 Alternate
  • Joe McCoy, Alexandria Citizen Representative
  • Kevin Beekman, Alexandria Citizen Representative
  • Ted Saks, Aurora Highlands Civic Association (Arlington)
  • Laverne Warlick, Lynhaven Civic Association (Alexandria)
  • Whitney Long, Arlington Ridge Civic Association (Arlington)
  • Eric Long, Arlington Ridge Civic Association (Arlington) Alternate
  • Betty King, Hume Springs Civic Association (Alexandria)
  • Liz Baez, Arlington
  • Jonathan Krall, Alexandria
  • Geoff Goode, Arlington
  • Long Branch Creek Civic Association Representative (Arlington)

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