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Being a Good Neighbor / Successful Tenant
How to be a Good Neighbor and a Successful Tenant
The key to being a good neighbor and a successful tenant is respect.

Respect Your Neighbors
  • Keep the noise down from music, conversations, parties and arguments
  • Don’t park in your neighbor’s parking place.
  • Don’t litter on the property (parking lots, common greens, laundry areas, etc.)
  • Put your trash in the designated area
  • Limit large gatherings of people in and out of your apartment/house to reasonable hours.
  • Supervise your children/teens in and around the property
If you are having a problem with a neighbor, try first to resolve the situation peacefully with the neighbor. If that doesn’t work, report the problem to the landlord for resolution. If a crime is involved, report the incident to the police.

Respect the Rules, Policies and Procedures of Your Landlord
  • Comply with all lease requirements
  • Pay your rent on time
  • Be a good neighbor

Respect Your Own House or Apartment
  • Keep your house or apartment clean
  • Don’t damage the unit, like putting holes in the walls
  • Don’t leave trash strewn about
  • Call for repair or replacement if something is broken
If you treat your neighbors and your landlord as you would like to be treated, your rental experience will be positive!
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