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Ryan White CARE Act
The Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act, or Ryan White CARE Act, was enacted in August of 1990 in honor of Ryan White, a boy who became infected with HIV after a blood treatment.  Ryan White was one of the first public faces of HIV/AIDS during the 1980s.  The Act was reauthorized in December of 2006.

The Ryan White CARE Act's federally-funded programs provide a variety of services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States.  Ryan White Care Act programs assist those who are low income, uninsured, underinsured or who have no other resources with which to pay for medical treatment, drugs, and supportive services.

Ryan White CARE Act
Ryan White CARE Act funding is divided into several parts, which are labled A-F.  For a complete definition of each part, view the Federal Government's Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) website.

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission administers the following for Northern Virginia and Northwest Virginia:

Ryan White Part A (formerly Title I) provides funds through sub-grants for direct services to low-income and underinsured people living with HIV or AIDS in Northern and Northwest Virginia (See Areas Served)

Ryan White Part B (formerly Title II) provides funds through sub-grants for direct services to people living with HIV or AIDS and who are under 333% of the poverty level in Northern Virginia (See Areas Served)

Funding for this project was provided by:
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