Resiliency Planning

Northern Virginia Resiliency Planning Work Group

Empirical evidence regularly points to communities in Northern Virginia being vulnerable to the effects of extreme weather.  This is especially the case of low-lying coastal localities such as Old Town Alexandria, and parts of Arlington, Fairfax and Prince William counties which are vulnerable to  damaging storm-surge events, rising sea levels, longer heat waves, heavy precipitation events, flash flooding,  and other extremes.  To respond to these extreme events, the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC), with support from the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program, will coordinate year-long program leading to the creation of a “Northern Virginia Resiliency Roadmap” that will help communities of the region: 1) Identify and assess the effects of extreme weather events on the natural and built environment of the Northern Virginia coastal zone;  2) Identify appropriate policy frameworks to respond to climate change planning and adaptation; 3) Determine how to integrate  climate  change  considerations  into local plans and policies; 4) Identify methods to and techniques to manage  associated risks; and, 5) Collaborate with multiple stakeholders on  developing a response for the region. 

This will be accomplished by creating an interdisciplinary collaborative workgroup comprising technical and policy experts from across the region to guide development of a resiliency roadmap.  The workgroup will convene approximately five times following the Resiliency Forum on November 14, 2016.