Demographic Webinars

NVRC organizes webinars to share the demographic work of our organizations.  The webinars include presentations, interactive dialogue among panelists, and question and answer sessions for participants to engage.  

Build Back - Dream Forward: Strengthening Minority-Owned Businesses in Northern Virginia
June 23, 2021 | 8:30 PM - 10:00 AM ET              

Northern Virginia is home to approximately 128,000 minority-owned businesses, over 40 percent of all establishments operating in the region. As all businesses work to rebuild after the recent pandemic, this community of business owners will face a number of unique challenges. What do they need, why do they need it, and how can we help them?   A cross-sector collaboration of seven local organizations, including NVRC, recently emerged to address these very questions, forming the Northern Virginia Minority-Owned Businesses Working Group. The upcoming report offers key findings and concrete recommendations for an equitable recovery across our region.  

This program was hosted in partnership with the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and the Northern Virginia Economic Development Alliance member agencies.

Report and Data:

Supporting Northern Virginia's Minority-Owned Businesses Report

Video Recording:

Video shared by our partner, the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.

Immigrant Community of Northern Virginia: Economic Impact and COVID-19
October 21, 2020 | 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM ET              

Immigrants are driving population growth in Northern Virginia. Immigration Immigrants hold tens of billions of dollars in economic power and contribute billions to the regional economy. The COVID pandemic has economically and socially impacted Northern Virginia. The greatest amount of COVID cases in Northern Virginia have been seen in the vulnerable communities and among minority populations. All essential workers, including Immigrants play a vital role in the Northern Virginia economy and in our individual lives. Nearly half of all essential, front-line workers in Northern Virginia are immigrants. The large percentage of immigrant essential, front-line workers has made immigrants vulnerable to COVID-19. To better understand the vulnerabilities of immigrants during this Report Opens in new windowpandemic and their contribution to our economy during this unprecedented time, further research was conducted that expanded upon the original Northern Virginia economic impact of immigrants study that was published in March 2020. The results of this new study were presented, as well as results of the original study published in March and research findings on COVID’s impact on Northern Virginia’s vulnerable populations.  In addition, a presentation was given on how this research is informing the work of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia’s COVID-19 response, their commitment to social investments, and local philanthropic effort to help our diverse and ever-changing region.  

Speakers included:
Robert W. Lazaro, Jr., Executive Director of Northern Virginia Regional Commission
Jill Kaneff, Sr. Regional Demographer of Northern Virginia Regional Commission
Mo Kantner, Director of State and Local Initiatives of New American Economy
Eileen Ellsworth, President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia

This program was hosted in partnership with New American Economy and the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia.

Report and Data:

Immigration Report and Dashboard


COVID-19 Cases and Vulnerable Populations by Northern Virginia Regional Commission

Immigrants Economic Impact and COVID-19 by New American Economy

COVID-19 Community Response by Community Foundation for Northern Virginia 

Video Recording: