PDC Virginia Housing Grant Program

Virginia Housing announced in July a $40 million grant program to work with the 21 Planning District Commissions in Virginia to provide more affordable housing. NVRC received a $3 million grant as part of this project. You can read the press release from Virginia Housing here.


Second Round of Grants Approved

Summary of NVRC Contingency & Second Round Affordable Housing Grant Awards June 2022

Thank you to all the applicants for Contingency & Second Round NVRC Affordable Housing Grant funding.  Regrettably, NVRC could not come close to funding the $2.6 million in requests received for contingency and second round funding through its spring 2022 Affordable Housing Grant awards. 

Contingency funding requests totaled $311,182, which is more than twice the available funding.  Entities receiving contingency funding awards represent those that made the clearest case for increased cost in construction activities or unforeseen development circumstances leading to cost overruns. 

Entities awarded Contingency Funds

Habitat for Humanity of NOVA                                         $  75,000 

Waxpool Apartments                                                       $  75,000

       Total Contingency Awards                                        $150,000

Second round funding requests totaled $2,333,000, more than four times the $500,000 available.  One entity was funded for second round funding as it epitomized three funding goals.

  1. It provided for expansion into an NVRC member local government without a previous Affordable Housing Grant award; and  
  2. It provided for expansion of the developer pool participating in the Affordable Housing Grant Program; and 
  3. It provided higher housing density/value per Affordable Housing Grant Program dollar invested when compared with competing applications.

Entity awarded Second Round Funds

Alexandria Housing Development Corporation             $500,000

       Total Second Round Awards                                    $500,000

While additional funding for this program is not anticipated, any updates in funding availability that may occur will be published on this page.


NVRC Housing Grant Request for Applications is now available.

Amount available for Award:  Approximately $2.5 million is available to private developers and NVRC member local governments for the development of new affordable housing units in Northern Virginia.   

Allowable Uses & Priority Populations:  Housing may be homeownership or rental units serving homebuyers or tenants with incomes at or below 80% Adjusted Median Income.  Rental units underwritten by this funding must be habitable by 6/30/2024; homebuyer units must be closed and ready for move-in by the same date.

Funding goals include:

  • Geographic distribution of funds around the Northern Virginia region;
  • Serving deeper levels of affordability;
  • Prioritizing marginalized communities as tenants and first-time homebuyers; and
  • Increasing housing choice among participating renters and homebuyers.

Request for Applications:   The RFA, and NVRC Attachments, can be found here.

Revised RFA Section can be found here.

Key Deadlines:   

  • The Intent to Apply deadline is November 17, 2021. Please feel free to utilize this form to provide your intent to apply.  
  • Questions about RFA requirements will be entertained until December 1, 2021
  • Applications  are due at NVRC no later than 4:30PM on December 17, 2021.  

Updates will be posted to this website as the procurement process progresses.

Anticipated dates for Notification of Awards:  

Awards are anticipated to be finalized and successful Applicants notified in January 2022.

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