KnowToxics Campaign

Know Toxics is a project of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) and the Northern Virginia Waste Management Board.

Know Toxics encourages businesses and residents to:

  • Learn more about the negative consequences of throwing fluorescent bulbs, rechargeable batteries and electronic equipment into the trash
  • Come up with a plan to properly handle and dispose of these materials
  • Visit the Know Toxics website to get started


In its commitment to protect the environment, NVRC and its member governments, launched the KnowToxics campaign to publicize the risk of the improper disposal of fluorescent bulbs, spent electronics, and rechargeable batteries.  The KnowToxics website provides information about the safe disposal of these items.

Know Toxics Facts

  • Only ten percent of fluorescent bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and electronics are disposed of properly
  • The regular trash system is not designed to handle the fire and reactive hazard, mercury, lead, heavy metal, toxic plastics, and fire retardants found in these materials
  • When burned in our waste-to-energy plants, these materials result in a hazardous waste ash
  • Electronics and rechargeable batteries contain valuable materials that can be reused
  • The KnowToxics website offers information offers resources primarily directed at businesses, property and building managers, waste haulers, and trash collectors
  • The website also has a special section for residents

Contact Information

For more information about the Northern Virginia KnowToxics campaign, contact NVRC’s Senior Environmental Planner Debbie Spiliotopoulos at 703-642-4631.