Four Mile Run Watershed Program

The Four Mile Run Watershed Management Program is NVRC's oldest continuously active program, and has a long and interesting history. This NVRC Program has been at the cutting edge in urban watershed management for nearly two decades and continues to remain at the fore.

Information and Resources
  • Data Resources -- Links to USGS stream gage on Four Mile Run, the 2004 Flood Frequency Analysis for Four Mile Run, the National Weather Service weather station at Four Mile Run, VADEQ Water Quality Standards, and NOAA Atlas 14.  
  • Documentary Film -- 2001 documentary film entitled: 'Four Mile Run: Reviving an  Urban Stream.'  
  • Environmental Permits List -- Typical requirements for construction projects in the Four Mile Run Watershed.  
  • Four Mile Run Photo Gallery -- Contains historical photos of flooding and the construction of the 1970s Flood Control Project along Four Mile Run.
  • Program History -- Overview of the Four Mile Run Flood Control project, which dates from the 1970s; this section also discusses NVRC's leadership role in the Four Mile Run Watershed Management Program.  
  • Restoration Project -- Restoration Project home page; here you can find the Four Mile Run Restoration Project Master Plan, e-newsletters, a log of public meetings, and a history of flood control along Four Mile Run.
  • TMDL Implementation -- Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for bacteria in Four Mile Run; also includes implementation plan, VADEQ Impaired Waters list, and NVRC's research on bacteria sources in the Four Mile Run Watershed.  
  • Four Mile Run Watershed Map 
  • Water Quality in Four Mile Run -- Overview of water quality issues facing urban streams and, in particular, Four Mile Run.