Health Systems Agency of Northern Virginia

Volunteer Board Members Sought
The Northern Virginia Regional Commission appoints members of the Health Systems Agency of Northern Virginia (HSA) Board of Directors. The HSA plans for efficient/effective use of hospitals, nursing homes and other costly health resources and educates the community about health care issues.

Appointees normally serve three-year terms. The Board meets monthly on the 2nd Monday evenings at NVRC in Fairfax; additional hours are required for committee meetings and meeting preparation.

Very specific guidelines apply to the composition of the HSA Board. Board members are classified as providers or consumers.

Providers are defined as:
  • Health care practitioners (i.e., physicians, podiatrists, mental health therapists, optometrists, etc.)
  • Health care administrators (i.e., hospital, nursing home, HMO administrators, etc.)
  • Those with a financial, business or familial interest in the provision of health care, including representatives of the insurance industry.
Retirees from the above professions are considered provider representatives.

Consumers are defined as:
  • Representatives of the different parts of Northern Virginia
  • Representatives of the principal social, economic, and racial/ethnic populations of
    the area
  • Who do not meet the criteria of provider.  

NVRC generally appoints consumer representatives.

Additional applicant characteristics may be sought for specific appointments.  When Board Members are needed, more information about the specific requirements and how to apply may be found here.