Quality Assurance Project Plan

What is a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP)?

A Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP):

  • Is developed by the Agency Coordination Group (ACG)
  • Meets requirements for USEPA funded projects that involve the use of environmental data
  • Is tailored to individual project data requirements and data uses
  • Ensures the quality of data to be used for a project
  • Governs the use of data to specific purposes by enumerating data and sources of data intended for use with the project
  • Details the protocols to be used in the project that ensure the quality of the data used
  • Is meant to be used by project participants on a regular basis

The Four Mile Run QAPP
The QAPP developed for the Four Mile Run Restoration Project:

  • Was completed and submitted to the USEPA in the fall of 2004 
  • Received approval from the USEPA on October 21, 2004
  • Will be served on this website
  • Will be corrected or modified in the electronic files contained herein
  • Can be downloaded by using the links below

Due to the abnormally large size of some of the QAPP sections the document is divided into multiple parts.The document below reflects all changes through the Submittal date to the USEPA (September 30, 2004).

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