Four Mile Run Environmental Permits List

Construction projects in any Virginia watershed must meet certain environmental standards and approvals prior to breaking ground. Permits and requirements range from those issued by Federal and State agencies to those specific to each locality in the Four Mile Run watershed.

The programs, permits, and requirements included below are a broad listing and do not suggest that each requirement will be applicable for every project in every scenario; the burden of discovery is the applicant’s.

It should also be noted that this list should not be construed as a requirement in and of itself; this page should be used as a reference only.

More detailed information regarding the listed programs, permits and permissions can be found by contacting the appropriate agency through the contact information included for each section.

This list only targets the environmentally related programs, and it is possible that there may be omissions. (If omissions are discovered please contact Sayedul Choudhury with pertinent information.)

Building or Fire Codes are not addressed here nor are zoning permits, approvals and requirements such as Special Use Permits (SUPs) or Board of Architectural Review (BAR) approvals.

List of Environmental Permits