Design Guidelines


The Four Mile Run Agency Coordinating Group (ACG) created design guidelines to coordinate and preserve the master plan vision for the corridor. Restoration of the corridor will take many years, with Alexandria, Arlington, the US Army Corps of Engineers, residents, and private landowners all playing roles in its transformation. A comprehensive set of design guidelines will ensure consistent materials and styles throughout the restoration area while complementing design and style elements of adjacent neighborhoods. The guidelines will not act as proscriptions to land owners; but provide a framework of guidance for private and public spaces. For a more detailed description of this project, see the Design Guidelines.

Developing the Design Guidelines

The City of Alexandria and Arlington County funded a contract with Rhodeside & Harwell, Incorporated (RHI) to support the development the corridor's design guidelines document. The Joint Task Force (JTF) and ACG worked with RHI when developing the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan. While the jurisdictions and NVRC led the project and facilitated the public process, RHI provided design expertise and drafted the guidance document. The project team identified key issues raised by staff through meetings and stakeholders principally through the JTF throughout the process. The City Council and County Board approved the document and it was adopted into the comprehensive plan.