Grievance Resolution Procedures

If You Are Not Satisfied
From time to time you may find that you are not satisfied with an HIV/AIDS service that you have received. If that service was funded by Ryan White, mechanisms are in place to help reach a satisfactory resolution to the problem.

Follow These Steps
Generally, grievances consist of two steps:

  1. You should informally talk with the serviceprovider that delivered the unsatisfactory service. See if you can talk through the problem with them informally.
  2. If the matter is not resolved informally to your satisfaction, the next step is to file a formal grievance with the organization that provided the service. Ask the agency to explain its grievance procedure with you and to provide you with the forms necessary to file the grievance.

Services funded by Ryan White through NVRC
If you are eligible to receive Ryan White Part A or B services from a provider under contract with the Northern Virginia Regional Commission and are unable to resolve an issue about that service(s), you may contact NVRC. Learn more about NVRC Grievance Procedures...