HOPWA Program Requirements

General HOPWA Requirements
Generally, to be eligible for HOPWA funded services, participants must show:

  • An HIV-positive or AIDS diagnosis, and
  • Family income at or below 50% for Project-based/Tenant-based Rental Assistance (PBRA/TBRA), and at or below 80% of Local Area Median for all other HOPWA services

The HIV/AIDS diagnosis and income limits are waived for housing information services.

You can contact the HIV Resources Specialist by email, e-mail or call at 703-642-4627 for additional HOPWA housing information.

Project-Based or Tenant-Based Rental Assistance Requirements
The following requirements must also be met to be eligible for HOPWA Project or Tenant-Based Rental Assistance:
  • Family income cannot exceed 50% of area median income limits adjusted for family size.
  • Tenants pay 30% of their monthly income towards rent.
  • Rent for the unit must fall at or below the computed rent standard and Fair Market Rent for a comparably sized unit.
  • Recent (within past two years) criminal convictions, any drug convictions, and/or credit problems can prevent people from accessing some services.
  • Legal residency status may be required for some project-based opportunities.
  • Security deposits and first month’s rent must be returned to the service provider when the tenant vacates the unit.

Short-Term Rent, Mortgage and Utilities (STRMU) Assistance Requirements
The following specific conditions must be met to be eligible for HOPWA funded STRMU Assistance:
  • The PWA must already have a residence which they own or are renting
  • PWA must have a temporary need for financial assistance, that if provided will enable them to pay for their own housing in the future
  • The reason the PWA cannot pay rent must be out of his/her control, such as unanticipated out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • The family income must fall at or below 80% of Local Area Median
  • Assistance can only be provided to fund rent, mortgage, or utilities to persons on the lease/mortgage/utility bill covering up to 21 weeks in any given year
  • Assistance cannot be provided to recipients of other HUD subsidies such as Housing Choice Voucher.

Further details on STRMU requirements are detailed in: