Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Light Bulb Facts
  • Lamps, bulbs, ballasts, and tube portions of electric lighting devices can contain mercury.
  • Mercury is a toxic element that can be very harmful to human health and the environment if not managed properly. If a bulb breaks and mercury vapor is inhaled, or its contents seep into the carpet or other textiles, serious short and long-term health effects can take place.
  • Any bulb with the Hg (mercury) symbol should not be disposed of in the trash. 
  • These bulbs containing mercury should be reclaimed or recycled through an appropriate facility. 
  • The Fluorescent Bulb Reference Guide shows typical fluorescent and HID bulbs that contain mercury and the names often used for them. 
Why use fluorescent bulbs?

Management and Disposal of Fluorescent Bulbs

What to do if a fluorescent light bulb breaks?
  • If a fluorescent bulb breaks, get tips for safe clean-up