Paying For Care

Insurance is your best option for paying for HIV care.  If you have insurance, don't drop it.  If you need help paying premiums or co-payments, check out Ryan White funded Health Insurance Premium & Cost Sharing (Co-Pay) programs available locally at:

The Affordable Care Act now  guarantees that all Americans – regardless of their health status or pre-existing conditions – will have access to quality, affordable coverage for health care and medications. The Health Insurance Marketplace (Exchange) has an annual 3-month open enrollment period, although people with major life changes may enroll at any time. Visit to learn more about the Marketplace.

Medicare covers a lot of the cost of health care, including medications for those who are retired or totally disabled.

If you are eligible for Medicare Part D (prescription drug plan), but cannot afford the premiums or the co-payments, check out Virginia's MPAP, the Virginia Medicare Part D Pharmaceutical Assistance Program.

Other Options
If you do not have either of the above, several programs may be available to those who have very low incomes:

See if you are Eligible for Assistance

If you are not eligible for any of the above, check out: