Lake Anne Charrette

A three-day charrette was held June 16-18, 2005 to plan the future of the Lake Anne Village Center. The charrette was held in cooperation with Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins, Hunter Mill District Supervisor; Fairfax County Department of Housing & Community Development; the Reston Community Reinvestment Corporation; and the Northern Virginia Regional Commission.


The purpose of this charrette was to:

  • To retain and strengthen the signature of Lake Anne
  • To define the best land use components for the future
  • To identify possible design options
  • To join plans and programs for implementation
  • To seek consensus for plans and programs for the near future
A large amount of input was received from all stakeholders at Lake Anne.  The Lake Anne Charrette looked at market demand, development, marketing, transportation, traffic and parking.  The charrette presentation includes the charrette's purposes and goals, as well as the options and next steps that came out of this planning event.