Haymarket Charrette


The Haymarket Charrette was held May 6-8, 2004. The charrette looked at development along Washington Street and the impacts of development surrounding Haymarket have on the Town itself.

NVRC brought in outside consultants who had no vested interest or stake in the community and thereby were able to offer a more impartial judgment.


The purpose of the charrette was to:

  • Identify the needs and priorities
  • Capture the stakeholders inputs
  • Frame realistic alternatives and options
  • Select the "vital few" things to implement
  • Gain consensus and spread ownership of the plan
  • Commit to follow through
The charrette team recommended that Haymarket concentrate on its heritage to distinguish the Town from the new developments that surround it. Two alternative designs were prepared for downtown redevelopment:

  • the “Civic Green”
  • the “Town Green”
The Civic Green would have the Town redevelop Town Hall property to immediately in front of the town hall with a town square across from the old Town Hall. The Town Green would move the town square to the intersection of the Washington Street (Route 55) and Jefferson Street (Old Carolina Road). The team recommended modest traffic calming measures such as 4 way stops before placing traffics lights in town. Finally, the team recommended a number of managerial measures to help the Town in the areas of site plan and architectural review, finance, and marketing.