Residential Rain Gardens

Benefits of Rain Gardens
Rain gardens, also known as bioretention areas, are attractive landscape features that allow rain water and snow melt to infiltrate into the ground.  A layer of mulch and plants intercept water running off streets, driveways, and rooftops, slowing its flow and removing pollutants before the water reaches local streams, the Occoquan River and the Potomac River, drinking water supplies for the region.


General Information

Design and Construction
Native Plant Guidance

Rain Garden Workshops

Interested in learning more about rain gardens and how they may benefit your property? Take part in an annual rain garden workshop to hear about rain garden design, construction, and other key information to consider before you add the landscaping feature to your yard. 

2024 Rain Garden Workshop

This workshop was hosted on February 10, 2024. Find presentation recordings and other resources HERE

2021 Rain Garden Workshop

The 2021 Rain Garden workshop recording is available on our YouTube channel. You can watch it here: