Why is a service I know not listed?
The Quick Guide does not include all agencies serving Northern Virginia. It is a quick index to the most frequently used resources and to points of entry into the human services system.

Inclusion of an organization in the Quick Guide does not constitute an endorsement of that organization, nor does omission represent disapproval.

Every attempt is made to ensure that the phone numbers listed here are correct. Updates are entered as they are received. All organizations listed are asked to verify their information annually.

The Quick Guide is regional in scope and includes agencies serving residents throughout Northern Virginia. Some organizations serve a limited geographic area. If you need help in identifying the most convenient or appropriate service for your needs, call one of the numbers listed under "Information and Referral" or "Government."

Services for residents of towns and smaller cities are often provided by a nearby county. Town and city services are listed where offered.

The data contained in the Quick Guide and other I&R products available from the Commission are maintained for the region by our Information and Referral (I&R) staff. Local I&R specialists throughout the region participate in updating the Quick Guide, including those at CrisisLink and in Alexandria Human Services I&R, Arlington DHS Crisis Assistance and Referral, Fairfax County Resource Information Management, and the Loudoun and Prince William Departments of Social Services.

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